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Welcome to My new Niteflirt PPV game. OMG, you can’t resist it. You want to submit to My teasing Domination, you are falling, sliding into My world of money slavery, worship. Click and pay    


Being a tribute Mistress is so much fun. I had slave Yenni on My financial domination line today and whilst I was charging him $4.99 to speak to Me, I kept making him tribute $50. He was on the phone for an hour, and I made him tribute Me 7 times. I laughed so hard, [...]


Remember slave jenk? He was My newest money slave who was adamant that he would never succumb to a financial domination Mistress. I then suckered him into calling My super indulgent luxury line and made him blow $900 in one go. Well, he has just had another money slave splurge, look at the £500 Amazon [...]


It’s so much fun making men stupid for Me, making them succumb to My tortuously callous and exploitative financial domination delights. I turn normally sensible men into money slave drones and it is so funny watching you get all stupid for Me, and not just because I take all their money. It amuses Me, to [...]


  As a financial domination Mistress I am dangerously addictive. Just recently I hooked yet another mindless peon into My web of ruthless financial domination delights. He spent many weeks fighting it, yet My siren call was just too strong. My newest addicted numpty is slave pelter. He had been lurking at My site and [...]


Look at the precious new bag this greedy Goddess has received. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? It cost My newest slave a small fortune. He is having to work a lot of overtime to afford this. He can’t help but spend on this greedy Goddess though, I have cast My spell over him and made him [...]


  Well money slaves, it’s cold and dark here in My part of the world now. I like winter, but I sure do miss the beach at this time of year, diving is one of my hobbies, but there is no way in hell I’d be getting in the chilly waters around this island at [...]

As a financial Domme, there’s nothing more entertaining than draining a wallet for the sheer hilarity of it. Being a financial Domme affords Me the luxury of getting whatever I want whilst I take advantage of My addicted fools and plucking from their wallets. As a financial Domme I get whatever I want, whenever I [...]


Play My new smash hit MP3 game Cock Control. With lots of JOI – jerk off instructions, tease and denial and tons of edging, you will be drawn in and turned into My mindless stroker. Total JOI (jerk off instructions) and cock control addiction awaits those who enter My devious cock control world of tease [...]


  I just had a call from a lurker who has been coming to My financial domination site for years. He is a financial domination addict, and has been totally besotted with Moi for a long time, but too scared to contact Me, fearing My devious ways might lead him to loose control. Well, guess [...]

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Welsh Hunny, fetish Queen. Financial domination, fetish phone sex - the ultimate fetish cock tease.
Financial domination tease, using the United States based platform Niteflirt to drain you. Whilst it's based in the U.S (United States), cards are accepted from all over the globe - now there's no excuse not to serve Me.